Richard O. Jacobson Center for Comprehensive Literacy

UNI PCL University Training Center

The University of Northern Iowa's Partnership in Comprehensive Literacy (PCL) Program of Iowa is a nationally recognized university training center, which provides the organizing structure that links the National Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy Center to the district and school levels of service to children. UNI's university training center creates and supports a network of affiliated sites; provides initial training and ongoing professional development for Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy coaches within these sites, and supports sites by providing technical services and networks of communication and information dissemination. University trainers organize conferences and other professional development opportunities for teachers and coaches, and take responsibility for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of PCL in affiliated sites. They also conduct and critique research and contribute to the work of the national network.

A university training center is defined by the presence of a registered PCL trainer. Establishing a PCL university training center requires careful study and strong commitment from the supporting university and from the individual seeking PCL trainer status. University training centers are committed to training Literacy Coaches in a post-masters’ specialized program of study that aligns with the professional standards of the International Reading Association. All university centers are NCATE accredited institutions with IRA approved reading programs.