Richard O. Jacobson Center for Comprehensive Literacy

Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy

Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy (PCL) is a systemic school transformational model dedicated to increasing student achievement. The model uses literacy as a tool for measuring school change in four interrelated areas: student learning, teacher knowledge, school culture, and school processes.

The logo of thePartnerships in Comprehensive Literacy logo interlocking diamonds symbolizes the dynamic, continuous relationship between a school’s literacy program and the educational agencies and policies that influence school improvement. The first diamond represents the relationship of four essential components within the school: classroom literacy framework, school-embedded professional development, intervention programs for struggling learners, and accountability and research. The second diamond represents the relationship between four educational agencies: public schools, universities, state education departments, and foundations. The power of the PCL model is symbolized in a partnership design that acknowledges school change as a dynamic, continuous process that requires commitment and collaboration at many levels.

The PCL model, developed by Dr. Linda Dorn, began in 1998 at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with the training of literacy coaches in seven high-poverty schools in Arkansas. Now, there are six affiliated university training sites comprised of university and public school partnerships across 13 states. This network of university trainers creates a structure for collaborative research and development, as well as a framework for scaling up the PCL implementations across the country.

The model transforms instruction in the classroom and in interventions through collaborative learning teams, led by the Comprehensive Literacy Model and Comprehensive Intervention Model coaches. The University of Northern Iowa awards a Literacy Coach Advanced Studies Certificate to students who successfully complete the Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy Coach preparation program. Students focus their program of study according to their employment as a Comprehensive Literacy Model (CLM) or Comprehensive Intervention Model (CIM) Coach.