Richard O. Jacobson Center for Comprehensive Literacy

Comprehensive Intervention Model (CIM) Teacher Preparation Program

The adoption of CIM represents an investment in the development of teacher expertise. Careful selection of appropriate teachers is critical to the effectiveness and success of the intervention. Teaching children who struggle with literacy learning is very challenging, and teachers selected for training must be experienced and effective. They need to be open to new learning and ready to continuously reflect, problem solve, and adjust their teaching to ensure the success for struggling readers. The CIM teacher also works closely with the CIM Coach, classroom teachers, and building administrators, so teachers selected for CIM preparation should be knowledgeable professionals who are able to communicate, cooperate, and negotiate effectively.

The building administrator decides to implement CIM in the school and selects the teacher(s) to prepare for this role. In consultation with the building administrator, the CIM teacher enrolls in two (2) two-hour graduate workshop credit courses during the preparation year.

Fall Semester:

  • LITED 6233: Comprehensive Intervention Model I

Spring Semester:

  • LITED 6233: Comprehensive Intervention Model II

Both courses are offered through the University of Northern Iowa and are facilitated by a CIM Coach. Following the year of preparation, CIM teachers participate in ongoing professional development to deepen their understandings.

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