Richard O. Jacobson Center for Comprehensive Literacy

Comprehensive Intervention Model Coach Preparation Program

An essential element of the Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy (PCL) model is the Comprehensive Intervention Model (CIM) Coach who implements systemic literacy changes at the district or Area Education Agency level. CIM Coaches:

    • Comprehensive Intervention Model Coach leads professional developmentprovide the initial training and ongoing professional development for school-based CIM Interventionists
    • provide input to the district curriculum coordinator who manages, coordinates and assesses the district-wide literacy curriculum and MTSS (RtI) plan
    • teach intervention groups daily in a variety of settings and grade levels
    • participate in the CIM literacy intervention coach network
    • self-reflection on professional learning and literacy goals

The Comprehensive Intervention Model (CIM) provides several frameworks for intervention for students, based on their current levels of competency and instructional needs. CIM Interventions include:

    • Emergent Language & Literacy Groups
    • Assisted Writing 
    • Reading Recovery*
    • Guided Reading Plus
    • Comprehension Focus Groups
    • Comprehension Strategy Groups

*Reading Recovery, the most intense of the CIM interventions, requires specialized training. 

Upon successful completion of the specified coursework, students are awarded the Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy Coach Advanced Studies Certificate.