Richard O. Jacobson Center for Comprehensive Literacy

CIM Coach Candidate Admission Requirements

Applying for the program is an explicit commitment by the coach candidate, director, and the superintendent or Area Education Agency (AEA) chief administrator to join with the PCL network in transforming their literacy teaching according to the principles of effective practice articulated in the PCL features, standards, and guidelines.

Coach candidate applicants must:

    • hold a master's degree in literacy education or other related field; 
    • hold a valid teaching license;
    • be employed as a literacy intervention coach in their district or AEA or be under contract to be the literacy coach during the preparation year;
    • have a minimum of three years of teaching experience; and
    • meet UNI requirements for admission to graduate study.

A final requirement is that Reading Recovery must be one of the components of the literacy program in the districts served by the CIM Literacy Intervention Coach.

In addition, it is recommended that coaching applicants have experience in school leadership roles such as teacher leader, instructional coach or strategist, staff developer, or school administrator.

The applicant's director of curriculum and instruction (or equivalent, if applicable) and superintendent (school district) or director of instructional services and chief administrator (AEA) must also complete the appropriate sections of the application. These sections assure their commitment to adhere to the features, standards and guidelines of PCL and their support of the coaching applicant in the performance of the roles and responsibilities of a CIM Literacy Intervention Coach. 

CIM Coach Preparation Program Application Form