Richard O. Jacobson Center for Comprehensive Literacy

Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy Program of Iowa

Model classroom teacher engages students in an interactive read aloud.
CIM teacher works with a small group of children in the Guided Reading Plus intervention.
CIM teacher engages a small group of students in a word study activity.
CIM Coach leads ongoing professional development with CIM teachers.

The Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy Program of Iowa (PCLPI) provides the organizing structure that links the National Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy Center to the district and school levels of service to children. PCLPI creates and supports a network of affiliated sites; provides initial training and ongoing professional development for Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy (Comprehensive Literacy Model or Comprehensive Intervention Model) coaches within these sites, and supports sites by providing technical services.

PCLPI co-sponsors the Jacobson Center Reading Recovery and Comprehensive Literacy Academy and other professional development opportunities for teachers and teacher leaders. PCLPI is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy in affiliated sites, conducting and critiquing research, and contributing to the work of national PCL network.